Monday, December 28, 2009

Do critics help the world?

Thank you for the great comments!

Please answer any number of the following 4. As always there are no wrong answers.

1- Do you believe in using critics as fuel to push your own efforts forward? Shoving success in the critics face?

2- How do you feel about the statement “the greatest source of learning often comes from our harshest critics”?

3- How do you view the quote “the world is happy to give you their definition of failure” as it relates to criticism?

4- What viewpoints do you have regarding the subject of criticism?

Extra viewing - reading bellow:
JK Rawling of Harry Potter fame inspired #3– It is in 3 parts.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Girls fighting gives back?

Girls fighting gives back to the world.

The following is a girls non-profit boxing group that promotes boxing for young girls.

You can click the following link:

Answer any number of the following: There are no wrong answers and I really want to know each and every person's opinions and thoughts on this. Thank you for the continued sharing.

1-What do you think of girls boxing as a form of charity?

2-Does this send a bad message to girls or does it raise the esteem of young girls?

3-Is this just a way to set up a payday for women to go into MMA fighting eventually?

4-Should girls be boxing at all?

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Does going up against the odds give back to the world?

Answer the any number of the following

1- When you go up against the odds intentionally and you know they are stacked heavily against you does that give back to the world?

2- What kind of people going up against the odds impresses you most?

3- What do you think about the idea in general?

4- What do you think of this real life example?

What do you think about going up against difficult odds intentionally?
The following person is sending art only letters from San Francisco to NY out of the white pages with return envelopes. Think about what the return rate would be…. Take a guess and then visit

click here

Going up against the odds inspired this for me: Not much connection but it got me to look for .... What is possible? Do you think it is possible to find this woman a kidney?

click here

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Positive thinking is mind nutrition?

Thank you for all the insightful comments they are really helping more than you might think and helping more people than you might think.

Answer any number of the following questions? There are no wrong answers – just share what you think.

1- Positive thinking nourishes the mind the way that food nourishes the body. What do you think of that concept?

2- What was the last positive blog entry or news item you read that inspired you?

3- What occupation (of the blogger) would you like to see leaving more comments on this blog?

4- My small tip for stress relief is the following – (I will save you my story) try buying stamps for the holiday season at the grocery store rather than machines at the post office after office hours. What small tip do you have that can reduce stress?

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