Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Does what you memorize impact the world?

Monday's post VERY early:

What do you think of the concept of “what you memorize has a significant impact on your world contribution?”

Thank you for your continued great commenting. Answer any number of the following questions feel free to comment based on comments you read.

#1 What do you think of this concept? What you memorize impacts – behavior, behavior impacts habits, your habits impact the world and those around you.

#2 What thoughts do you have in the area of a scheduled plan of things to memorize?

#3 I am getting quite a few emails after the last questions get 35 plus comments – Feel free to comment based on prior comments without a review of ALL of the comments. (I do not mind emails but I am often going to be busy visiting blogs of these brilliant people that take time to leave comments before responding to emails to honor my word to them to visit their blogs)

#4 What thoughts do you have in the area of memorization in general?

Happy Thanksgiving! (Next post will be coming BEFORE -Monday- December 7)

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Tom Bailey

Friday, November 20, 2009

Being positively unreasonable with yourself as a way to help the world? - How do you feel about that?

Monday’s entry posted early:

Answer any number of the following 4 – Any number of the 4 you feel comfortable with or even feel free to comment based on what another commenter posts.

Being positively unreasonable with yourself
Note I am not talking about breaking laws or harming others in this definition.

1- How do you feel about the concept of being “positively unreasonable with yourself” as a way of giving back to the world?
2- Do you feel that to achieve the highest levels of success in anything it takes a certain level of “unreasonableness”?
3- Do you feel that people “make others wrong” through criticisms, teasing, ridicule or even being critical for just not living the way the critic thinks the other person “should be” living as they act “positively unreasonable”?
4- Please feel free to share any ideas you have in this area of unreasonableness.

Optional reading bellow:
I promise within the next 60 days to make a new blog that highlights the charities mentioned in the last post. Thank you for sharing

I am grateful to those who take time out of their day to comment here even when life is happening. Thank you for that. The comments here are amazing!

(Next post coming BEFORE 10-30-09 Monday)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Blogger appreciation day : Mondays blog early

Answer any number of the following three (1 or 2 or all 3 is fine)

1- What is one charity you support? (provide a link if possible and a reason you support that charity)

2- What is one underfollowed blog (other than your own) that you follow? (underfollowed = gets less than 3 comments per post) and share a reason you follow that blog.

3- What is one business site or blog that you suggest looking at? Any reason you suggest visiting is great. It can be your business or any business you suggest taking a look at it.

Optional reading bellow

I will not be posting awards for my blog but I am grateful for the kind emails.

I will be visiting the blogs and sites suggested by everyone that posts here as a way of giving back.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Answer any of these 3
1-Do you believe that keeping your word helps the world?
2-How do you feel about that idea as a concept?
3-How do you define keeping your word?


Why am I posting early?
Clearly I am posting early before the time that I said I would. I am communicating as soon as I found out what was going to happen. I think often times this is a problem in keeping your word it is called “life happens”. I had an emergency that came up. Things like this I think can send bloggers off the net frustrated because life happens and then honoring what they said they would do goes out the window. Fortunately I have people like you that can “hold me accountable”. Even more fortunate I have parents that taught me to keep my word.

Feel free to post anything that relates to this post you will not be deleted because I disagree. Feel free to comment based on the other comments (try to be nice).

Am I going to change my posting preferences because I had to delete a post?

Why was there a deleted comment?
The post was not related to our topic and had a vulgar word in it.

After this entry the next entry will not be until Monday November 16th.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Charity, philanthropy, giving back or just personal development?

What do you think of 1 page gratitude letters being sent to friends and or family as a way of giving back?

Optional reading bellow

It would be nice if I could take full credit for this idea but I can not:

I was given this idea by a workaholic (he made over 10 million a year U.S.) guy that had a family that really supported him. Something seemed different they did not seem to support just because of the lifestyle… there seemed to be something more. He shared this with me 1 page gratitude letters are rarely given and they are always cherished and it connects people to you on a deep level that are already relatives. He would send them to his kids, wife and other family members and good friends so they would get them a week before Thanksgiving.

Even with my poor grammar and writing skills and mediocre penmanship people have thanked me over and over again even over a year later.

Optional question: How many people do you think actually have received full 1 page gratitude letters in their lives?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blog update

Schedule and notes

I will be posting on Monday evenings pacific standard time.
I will be visiting blogs throughout the week after that. I want to make sure I spend time visiting all the blogs of the people that have taken the time to comment here.

Share genuinely I really like to hear what your authentic thoughts are on the things I ask about.

Thank you for pointing out my obvious spelling errors to me via the numerous emails.

Thank you for your amazing comments despite my grammar weakness.