Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blog update

Schedule and notes

I will be posting on Monday evenings pacific standard time.
I will be visiting blogs throughout the week after that. I want to make sure I spend time visiting all the blogs of the people that have taken the time to comment here.

Share genuinely I really like to hear what your authentic thoughts are on the things I ask about.

Thank you for pointing out my obvious spelling errors to me via the numerous emails.

Thank you for your amazing comments despite my grammar weakness.


  1. Hi Tom -
    I stumbled here from Tabitha's blog...I choose bliss....what a wonderful premise for your blog -- and your own personal enrichment. I look forward to reading what you write about philanthropy. I am a firm believer that regardless of the size of our bank accounts we each have special gifts that we can give back to this world and to the organizations that need us!

    have a great week and I'll lan to be back for sure!

  2. shoo, you're organised, heee hee heeee

  3. Hey, your concept for your blog is completely original and worthwhile. I look forward to seeing it grow and develop.

    Philanthropy has always interested me in a historical sense because in the olden days this was the only way that hospitals, museums, schools and zoos could exist. I studied the history of my own town Dundee, and it was very exciting to discover that it was built on philanthropy..

    I tihnk you are doing a great job and I am honoured to take part. :)

  4. Hey Tom,
    Lucky you-your blog is so good that you can you can misspell words, post only once a week, and still get followers!
    Thank you for commenting on my blog-businessthatcares. Guess I made it to your weekly blog perusals.
    Seriously though, I do really like your blog. In a world- I guess I mean the world of philanthropy, CSR,cause marketing, blogging,and others- where everyone is a pundit and has an opinion, it is so very, very, good to see someone who ASK QUESTIONS.
    Inquiry is the source of knowledge, and I find all the opinions of many pundits lack any evidence.
    But I love your positive attitude and investigation of what works. Have you heard of Appreciative Inquiry? I use this method a lot-it's about asking appreciative questions, generating stories, and building on them.
    Keep up the great work- I look forward to more of your questions.

  5. "Appreciative Inquiry?" - I look at it as a way of being and not a distiction of knowing. I think that being in that area speaks more than knowing or even doing. I like the GENUINE or AUTHENTIC appriecative inquiry.

    There are reasons that philanthropy looks the way that it does but it is too long to get into for me here.

    You have a blog I enjoyed visiting.

  6. Thank you everyone for posting. Sharon that is VERY interesting stuff to know!

  7. Hello Tom...I haven't been blogging regularly for quite some time and am trying to get myself back in the saddle. Thanks so much for posting a made my budding blogger's night!

    Sondie aka Sonderella

  8. Don't let poor grammar stop you. My husband is dyslexic and was told in High School he'd never get through college and now he's almost done with his 3rd college degree!

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  10. Don't worry about grammar - most of the people on the internet have never heard about it anyway (at least that's what I think about that, when I read other blogs). Very well written, keep writing - I'll be visiting!

    (Previous post was deleted by me, due to the grammar mistake - seriously!)

  11. Hi Tom, I found your blog as a follower of another new site. You were so generous to leave such a nice comment. As I can see you are a warm and gracious person. Of course you have attracted so many people on your site that they are equally as nice. It's difficult to find people who are positive and want to give back. My whole life has been based on helping others. It's good to come to a forum and be surrounded by positive people. You're inspiring.

  12. Hi Tom,

    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind comments.

    As for an organization I support, I tithe 10% of my income to the Center for Spiritual Living Capistano Valley, in San Juan Capistrano CA. We are part of a larger oraganization of trans-denominational Centers for Spirtual Living International, committed to raising global consciousnes, i.e. "Change your thinking, change your life. One of the reasons I support them is that our center also tithes so even when I am sitting at home relaxing, I am doing good somewhere in the world due to my giving. For example, one of our ongoing projects is bulding schools in some of the poorest parts of Africa. We provide the money and some of the labor and the local population runs the school to meet their own needs. Thanks again, Bruce