Thursday, November 5, 2009


Answer any of these 3
1-Do you believe that keeping your word helps the world?
2-How do you feel about that idea as a concept?
3-How do you define keeping your word?


Why am I posting early?
Clearly I am posting early before the time that I said I would. I am communicating as soon as I found out what was going to happen. I think often times this is a problem in keeping your word it is called “life happens”. I had an emergency that came up. Things like this I think can send bloggers off the net frustrated because life happens and then honoring what they said they would do goes out the window. Fortunately I have people like you that can “hold me accountable”. Even more fortunate I have parents that taught me to keep my word.

Feel free to post anything that relates to this post you will not be deleted because I disagree. Feel free to comment based on the other comments (try to be nice).

Am I going to change my posting preferences because I had to delete a post?

Why was there a deleted comment?
The post was not related to our topic and had a vulgar word in it.

After this entry the next entry will not be until Monday November 16th.


  1. I was taught that the most important thing is to keep your word. If I accept an invitation to be at someone's house at eight o'clock, you better believe I'll be there on time, (barring some horrible act fate.) If I make an oath I do my best to keep it.

  2. Hey Tom, thanks for stopping by my blog (and commenting). That led me here!

    Keeping my word? Changing the world?
    Hell yes.
    If I lead by example, perhaps those around me will do the same. And so forth and so forth. Who knows where it could lead!
    Possibly even government officials telling the truth? Say it ain't so...

    In the meantime, I'll keep doing what I say I'm going to. And polishing my 'Who is John Galt?" bumpersticker.

  3. I do like people who keep ther word, there is nothing more annoying than someone who says they are going to do something and has no intention of following through.
    Does keeping my word help change the world? No my word is just a ripple in a big pond and has very little signifigance in the scheme of things.

  4. Hi. Thanks for visiting me and leaving a compliment. Now, that's a good thing. Glad you did.

    Keeping your word? Wow, that's a positive concept. You must be one of those idealists, right? Keeping your word means you are concerned about your reputation and your principles. Where did you say you reside? Not on Wall Street, not in D.C. or any political corner.

    I know! You've had great parents and teachers. Congratulations.

  5. Keeping your word is important and it does affect the out come of the world in a small way.
    Like every drop that helps fill a glass every word kept helps keep the wheels turning.
    Now what your word entails is something you were supposed to think about before you gave your word.
    Thank you for stopping by

  6. Thanks for stopping by. This is quite an interesting blog. I haven't had an opportunity to read through it, but I have to agree that charities are important and we should give to others.

    I do this by my volunteer work with genealogical societies.

    I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Tom!

    GREAT questions!

    Yes...I very much believe in keeping my word and following through (honoring) with what I promised. This is something my father instilled in us as children. I define this by saying taking responsibility.

    However, I do believe that sometimes "life does happen" and depending about what the "happening" is, things may have to be postponed/changed/altered. I mean, that's life. And to me, that's equally as important to understand (and be ok with) as keeping my word.

    But as a rule...yes, I will always do my best to keep my word.

    Great post, Tom!

  8. The obvious answer is, of course, that yes, keeping your word changes the world, it is the right thing to do; if we all do the right thing, the world will change.

    Ah, but you are a sneaky one, with thought-provoking points. In reality, we cannot, always. Emergencies come up, life happens, sometimes, we simply can. not.

    What matters is why, or why not. Intention counts. Ambivalence or selfishness does not. "My grandmother died" counts. "I forgot Survivor was on tonight" does not.

  9. i believe that every choice leads us to either life or death... so yeah, keeping your word (based on the good intentions of your heart)changes things for the better.

    All of thoughts and actions (for better or worse)lead somewhere.

  10. Tom, I suffer from what I call "blogaholicism", so I try to limit myself to 1 post per day. That's a mighty good challenge to keep it to 1 per week for your blog. Thanks for noticing the "pay it forward" quote. My blog is my way of giving back to the world, at least in Los Angeles and Orange County. If you have any insight (or ideas) for me, let me know. Take care.

  11. I grew up with my mom hammering this idea into our heads. Only she phrased it this way, "A princess [or prince] never breaks her promise." And she told us all kinds of stories and fairy tales to illustrated that point. We all took that very seriously; if we said we'd do something, or not do something, we'd better live up to it. We all wanted to be a princess! And as an adult I can say that it has paid off. Being known as a woman of my word has gotten me far. And I respect almost no characteristic more than someone who keeps their word.

  12. Thanks for taking time out in the mist of all you do to comment on my new blog. How sweet of you. I love your theme. Your posts speak volumes! You should be very proud of yourself.

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  14. keeping your word means you are responsible, accountable and its just plain good manners. people depend on you once you've committed to something, and its not fair to them to break your word. of course, there may be extenuating circumstances, but then be kind enough to advise the people thereof. as you have done here, its a perfect example.

  15. It's possible that keeping your word might refer to carrying out a negative act - like killing someone.

    I would prefer it always to mean doing something beneficial for others.

  16. On the surface keeping your word is obviously the "right" thing to do. But the Good Moroccan brings up a good point. What if the promise is evil? This proves that there is always an exception to the rule.

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  17. 1. I definitely believe in keeping my word. Absolutely.

    2. I love the concept. It makes me know that I can trust others that keep their word.

    3. Keeping your word is doing what you said you would do. If I promise something I will do it and if for any reason (such as health) I cannot I will let you know and I will tell you the reason I can't.

    Renee xoxo

  18. Hi Tom.
    I believe people should make every effort to keep their word, but sometimes things happen beyond our control. You may already know this, but for future reference, if you write a blog entry ahead of time, and save instead of posting, you can click the 'post options' link at the bottom of the 'Edit Post' page, and change the date of your post. If you change it to a future date, the post will be published on the day you specify in options, rather than the day you write the post. It won't help if you promised to write the blog entry on Monday, but if you just promised to post on Monday you could do it that way.

  19. A person should mean it when they say their word is their bond...otherwise they make a liar of themselves. I try not to promise what I can not provide. I'll check back on Monday...

  20. Keeping your word is important and it is always refreshing when people say they are going to do something and they do!
    Some great comments here.
    Glad the photo brought back some memories for you, happy I hope. Although walking across ice and hoping it won't break sounds a bit worrying to me and not enjoyable. The photo is of the river Mosel in Germany.
    Yes the dogs are fast. They are the fastest breed of dog.

  21. I believe that keeping one's word is an act of kindness that has a positive effect on the world.

    Keeping your word means only committing to what you feel you can follow through with. And if "life happens" and you can't deliver on time, it is courteous to let others know who were counting on you.

    I feel the world is a friendly place and will forgive those who, on the rare occasions, cannot keep their word.

  22. Love the question. I do not believe that keeping my word helps the world. I believe it helps my personal world and reinforces my integrity. Forgive me for appearing negative, but I believe it takes beyond human morality to help this world.

  23. saw your comments on the Jaxworld blog on the same subject but at least you invite debate. On behalf of all us people who don't always keep our word I'd like to say we are not mean but sometimes we just don't deliver. People are too quick to blame people who do not follow through on their word. Just cause I fail to do what I rashly promise does not mean I do not have integrity!

  24. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Will answer to your comment soon.

    Answers to your questions:

    1-Do you believe that keeping your word helps the world? Yes.

    2-How do you feel about that idea as a concept? I was taught that is a respectable thing to do - keep one's word.

    3-How do you define keeping your word? Saying what I will do (under a certain circumstance, or for someone) and doing what I say.

  25. I think integrity is key to everything we do. Without it, nothing else impresses me in a person.

  26. As a lover of (almost) all things Thoreau and Emerson, to answer number 1, the easy response is yes. The oversoul is a concept from Emerson, but it comes up everywhere. All things are one (The Alchemist), the butterfly effect, etc.

    So yes, keeping my word helps the world, be it by example or the good my good deed can create.

  27. Keeping our word is good for the world.
    Breaking our word is damaging to the world.
    Making amends repairs the damage that we have done.

    Really thoughtful blog Tom. I'll be stopping by often. Thanks.

  28. thanks for visiting my blog. about keeping our word, I surely believe it helps our world a lot. However, to not get disappointed most of them time, I also do not expect for others words to happen since it seem they are forgotten, I just take pleasure and joy when they do keep it :)

  29. Hm... See, I much prefer it when people stick to protocol and keep promises. However, I am the ultimate optimist and as such make plans and promises I later fail to fulfil... It's a shortcoming, I know, but I'm working on it...


  30. Thank you for the sweet blog comment! Although we may look like Southern Californians, we are Southern Kentuckians through and though :) But So. Cal is a beautiful place, I've been there to visit!! And of course you won't be deleted b/c you're a male! lol
    I like the idea of your blog! Very interesting posts. And I personally think if everyone kept their word it WOULD be a better society!

  31. I think this is a simple matter. If I don't do what I say then I am unreliable.

  32. I think people who consistently don't keep their word aren't trusted, respected or well-liked over time. The key, though, is a pattern of behavior and not the occasional lapse that can't be helped because of other pressing issues or a change in priorities. People understand when that happens, just as long as it doesn't *always* happen.

  33. Keeping one's word is all we have. I do believe that by keeping it we can change the world for the better! Best of luck with all you've got going on!

  34. I have to believe in "keeping your word." The world is full of unfairness but if we all do the best we can we have to raise the odds in our favor. And our word is the closest thing we have to giving a little piece of ourselves. Something for people to hold on to. Something to believe in. I think we all can use that.

  35. You are all the reasons I have this block. You are all incredible. The partisipation exceeded expectations.

    Kindest regards

    I will be doing something to thank you all next Monday!

  36. Sorry, I am kinda late with this. I had to give it a little thought.

    Keeping your word to help the world is such a broad statement.

    If we think about helping the whole world, it will be easy to get discouraged.

    But if we focus on ourselves first, we can make small gestures and build up to bigger ones.

    I like to think that I am a person of my word. But I don't do it to "help" others. I just want to be an honest person.

    Keeping my word simply means doing what I said I was going to do. If I said I was going to help a friend, I will do it.

  37. if you don't have your word, what do you have? it gives people faith in mankind

  38. If you don't keep your word, then you have lied, plain and simple. If I don't think I can do it, I don't say that I will. I think you can improve your little corner of the world by being a person whose word can be relied on.

  39. I try very hard to keep my word and I get frustrated with myself is I can't for some reason. :S
    Its nice to be reliable and I think it does make life easier. Plus, it gives a little stability in the world.

  40. I believing in keeping my word and do the best of my ability to follow through. However, life does sometimes get in the way. Hopefully I can count on the compassion and understanding of others when I have to let them down. I also try to remember that when they let me down. Anything we can do to inspire others and restore their faith is good thing and will impact the world. We just have to keep on trying! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I look forward to reading through your archives and stopping by again to visit.

  41. I've found that trust is everything in all of our relationships in life. If someone tells you something, then reneges on it, it puts a crack in that foundation of trust and you find yourself not believing the next promise they make. It's an important quality in a person and I try to always keep my word.

  42. I'm definintly a strong believer of keeping your word and feel that it's a strong link to integrity. I think if we can see ahead the dominoe effects of the disspointment it can cause, more promises would be kept.

  43. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the invitation to come out to your blog. You found me at my "Design Your Life Insights" at

    How about this concept... "being your word"? If one is "keeping their word" there is always something to DO. This just may lead to more action items and us always having to 'watch out' that we are doing it right; and perhaps to us being human "doings" rather than human "beings".

    If we come from being our word, there is nothing to do. Nothing to watch out for. There is only living from our integrity and when our integrity "goes out" which it most definitely will, then we just put it back in.

    Being my word is powerful and allows me to choose my life.

    Thanks again for the invite!

  44. Thank you again to everyone that has posted here I really love reading the different viewpoints. There are so many sharp people here it is GREAT!

    Thank you all for sharing.

  45. I think it does. I think integrity packs quite a lot of heat.

  46. Hi Tom, WOW---what an interesting blog you have. I don't know where to begin. First of all, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you return often.

    I chose this blog to respond to first since 'Keeping your Word' is so important ---especially these days in our country. I feel like greed, selfishness and corruption have taken over this country--especially in our leadership and Wall Street. People don't care about each other anymore. They are only out to make the almighty buck--at any cost. Scares an old woman like me! ha

    Another aspect of keeping your word is this: "Say what you mean and mean what you say." People don't sem to tell the truth anymore. What has happened to loving and caring for each other??? What has happened to telling the truth?????

    Ahhhh---you are just getting me started... BUT--I will close for now hoping to return.

    Great Blog.

  47. Hi Tom,

    thanks for your comment on my blog! Always highly appreciated! Hope you will stop by more often...

    Am really enjoying reading your posts, they get me sitting here by the fire, thinking and thinking... easpecially this one.

    I think keeping or not keeping your word can have such a huge effect on other people's lives, and most people unfortunately don't take that seriously enough.

    If we can't keep something, we shouldn't say it in the first place, and once we have promised something, we should try our best to stick to it, no matter what happens!

    thank you for your thoughts!!!

  48. Hello Tom,

    What a great blog! Wow! Very inspiring!

    Keeping your word? Well, I believe this is very important but it does not seem to be too important in todays business world. Unfortunately I meet too many people who do not walk the talk and they simply don't mean what they say.

    Why is that? I have no idea.... I was born and raised in Austria and I was taught to live by certain principles and I would not want to have it any other way.... ;-)

    I read the book "The Four Agreements" and one aspect is to be impeccable with your word. Always speak with integrity!

    I honestly believe that people don't realize what huge impact this has on their whole (work) environment. I don't think it comes as a big surprise that nobody seems to trust anybody anymore?

    Having said all of that, I cannot influence other people's behaviour, neither do I want to..... I focus on myself to be the best I can be, to be an inspiration and to create a ripple effect.....

    I will stop by again!


  49. Keeping your word, beginning with your own personal world extends to the world in general. Keep your word to yourself, to your spouse, your children and hopefully they will, in turn, do the same.