Thursday, October 29, 2009

Environmental consciousness - genuine caring or business?

There seems to be a growing trend towards caring for the enviroment.

What percentage of moving towards enviroment is genuine caring by business?

A-Less than 10 percent

B-10 to 25 percent

C-25 to 30 percent

D-30 percent plus

More important - what are your thoughts in this area?
Is it more profitable now because of effectiveness?
Is it profitable because of a better business image?
Is it profitable profitable because consumers tastes and caring is changing?

What are your opinions?


  1. Honestly, I just think that going green is more of a fad than actually caring about the environment, just like charity is.

    Businesses think that if they brag about being environmentally safe, that people should chose their products over the other guy.

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  3. call me a cynic, but i think businesses do it for a tax write-off and its there for the folk who don't ever contribute to anything and soothe their guilt by a 'green' cheque account for example...

  4. I do find it strange that supermarkets are only interested in the enviroment when it is also profitable for them, for example using less carrier bags. Would they be so keen if they had to give something away. I think not.

  5. Hi Tom, I left a comment for you about the fields of gold on my site. Thanks for visiting.

    A number of our largest retailers are putting their money where their mouths are in terms of committing themselves to achieving certain goals by specified dates. This includes switching over to the use of bamboo for a wide range of products including linen etc, proving organic produce and so on.

    Off for the weekend now so I'll comment again when I get back. Interesting topic.

  6. The real deal is that the whole thing is a bunch of BS. If anybody believes that corporations give a damn about you or your family then go look at what is called organic standards. All of those idiots out there with their electric cars don't even realize alot of that power comes from coal or nuclear power plants. Then the city people who get the benefit primarily, want the waste buried out here in the country.
    I find it amazing that in a system where corporate lobbyists, whose masters are only concerned with profit for their SHAREHOLDERS (of course), get to write the laws governing every other area of their interest would not be writing the laws for environmental protection.
    But remember, those corporate lackeys in washington, dc, ie, politicians, did not show up in power by magic. Now I am going to write this real slow so even really stupid people can keep up. "Some idiots voted for every one of those parasites into office." The voters are bought with bridges, roads, govt buildings, etc. These voters are whores, plain and simple. If any really slow people didn't understand that last statement just think about why incumbents usually win elections. Everybody wants to be taken care of, well, this is what being taken care of looks like. Morons.

  7. I guess I don't know how to use this thing. I did not mean to post that last tirade anonymously. I am Tom W. Montana rancher and genuine environmentalist.

  8. Thank you for sharing everyone. I like hearing all the viewpoints and you can always be honest and never have to fear being labeled and Tom I will not tell anyone that there is a rancher in montana posting on my blog that is an extreme enviromentalist.

  9. I definitely think companies tout their "greeness" more out of image and cost-savings than than out of any altruistism toward the environment. At the same time, regardless of why they do it, it certainly helps, doesn't it?

  10. And I meant to say altruism...not sure why how it came out altruistism (!)

  11. Business is all about marketing and "green" is the new in. Consumers want it. Simple as that.

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  12. I think there is definitely a blend. After looking into various companies over the past two or three years in a genuine attempt to decrease the chemicals in my life (along with carbon footprint) I've found that some companies are more 'legit' when it comes to being trusted than others. For example- clorox touting a 'green' line of cleaners... with no list of ingredients on the back.
    However, companies like Seventh Generation who have from the very beginning used transparancy and third party certification are apt to be more reliable.
    It's a complicated question. Increasingly, due to this 'fad' consumers need to be extremely cautious of 'greenwashing' which has bombarded our consumer culture. The real question is: as a consumer, which company will you choose to support? Just because Wal-Mart came out with an 'environmental' policy does not mean I will ever support them.

    Perhaps the best question is: instead of replacing our disposable 'stuff' with more environmentally friendly disposable 'stuff', perhaps we should consider opting out of the entire consumerist attitude. Instead of buying biodegradable bags (which aren't really accepted in most compost or municipal composting systems anyways), I will buy reusable glass containers.

    Thanks for visiting my blog- very interesting dialogue you have going here. I'd suggest checking out 'No Impact Man's and Fake Plastic Fish for more indepth conversations about the ethics, issues and concerns regarding our environmental impact on this planet :)

    (Environmentalist... living in a city :P)

  13. I find it irritating. Do they "really care" about the earth, or is all about the "bottom line" I think it's a fad, and I have always cared about the environment, where were these Johnny come lateley's anyway? Oh well, if good comes from it, then it's a good thing.

  14. I dont want my life moribund by cynacism.

    So I think that 'New' companies can deliver greenish products and really mean it.

    But when you see British Petroleum (BP) put a little green sun like image in its logo and call its self beyond petroleum the cynacism comes crashing right back in.

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