Friday, October 2, 2009

Getting to know people in charity and philanthropy

As I am meeting people and talking to them... the question I always am asking myself is I wonder what they are really like.

Clearly I do not get to go through the whole formula but I work in envisioning the answers:

Here is a formula that I came up with to really get to know someone:


-Speak to at least 4 people
-Each of them has known the person I am getting to know at least 4 years
-And then I they have 4 drinks
-Then I ask them 4 deep questions

What formula or idea do you have to get to know people not just in charity or philanthropy but in any area?


  1. I am somewhat of a fatalist and I let destiny bring people my way.;) But I like your method, particularly the 4 drinks.;))
    Thank you so much for stopping by my place.;))

  2. Yeah, I know that is the fun part. But I really do not drink myself.