Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Park benches

(Picture here in your mind a perfect outdoor setting on a perfect day and sitting on a bench that you dedicated in memorial to someone important to you)

How do you feel about park benches being sponsored by family members? There is a local park near me and they allow people to "sponsor" a bench and what you get through that type of sponsorship is a brand new bench gets put in with an engraved metal place to put a family members name and a short saying. How do you feel about something like that as a way of "charitable" giving?

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I have enjoyed reading the responces. My goals are large in the area of charity and philanthropy. (at some point when "we" get to know eachother better I will outline them in great detail) The more I research and get opinions the more I care about other people in what feels like a genuine way. I want to thank everyone that has posted here so far by giving back by sharing.

I hope each of you has an amazing day filled with all the things that your deepest hearts desire.

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  1. I think the benches are an excellent way of encouraging people to connect with charity.

  2. i am inpartial to this, where my father lives they do the same with trees, which i find still kind of silly, but like the idea of life being planted...where does the money go?

  3. Kay,

    In the case I know of... the money goes to the bench companies who make the benches at cost and the rest would go to the city since the city puts the deal together.

  4. I think it's nice when I see something that reads, "In memory of..." Just a little something the family can do to help the city/a charity, as well as leaving something behind to be remembered of their loved one.

  5. I think it is a good idea to keep memory of family members. thank you for visiting my blog. : )

  6. Dealing with death is hard and there really is no way to grieve unless you go thought the steps of grievance. I think if a bench helps with that then it's a good idea...
    However, I like to think that the people we once loved and have passed in inside our hearts already...and as long as we keep their spirit alive in the heart then they never do really leave us...

  7. I think it's a great idea. I come from a small family. There were 5 cousins and now there are 4. None of us have children so there will be no future generations. The idea of keeping my grandmother's memory alive with a bench is great!

    Here in Winter Park, people donated $50 per brick to pave a walkway at Rollins College. I've often walked around reading the names.

  8. the benches are a superb idea!!!!!

  9. They have these in Edinburgh and I always read the inscriptions. Of course, I do not know who the people are who died but I do connect with the gesture made from the family.

    Personally, I do not think I would like my name and sentiment displayed on a park bench.

  10. park benches would be nice. there are not enough park benches in parks.

    Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. yeah, lsd on treadmills sucks. that's why i stick to sprints either on incline or 1% to simulate outside.

    you crossfit?! awesome! i'm getting there ( i have to scale it for me)

  11. I think it's a great idea. A friend of mne sponsored a bench in memory of his wife who died of cancer -it's in her favourite place to sit in the park. To me it's a great sponsorship...we need more benches in parks anyways, so it's pefect :)