Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Slogan for a charity?

(picture a large group of people working together for something you feel strongly about - people making a difference - people working hard - for something you really care about)


How do you feel about this as a slogan for a charity?

"Teamwork makes the dreamwork"

What other ideas do you have for slogans for any kind of charity?

Thank you for your input - you are all GREAT and BRILLIANT!


  1. Well I guess it depends on the charity in question. I use that phrase a lot to be funny when people aren't working together well. I think it could be really effective if used in a certain way, else it may come off corny. I like the phrase though.

  2. i like it. maybe just change it to "dream work" (2 words instead of 1...)

  3. I agree with Shadow - split dreamwork into 2 words.

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  4. I like the slogan, but agree with others about dream work.

  5. Clever play on words! I agree to split dream work.

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    Blog of Note

  6. I LOVE that, but I agree that it should be two words for dream work--although I can see what you were trying to do with it. :)

    It does kind of depends on the charity but how about...

    "helping hearts through united hands" or maybe it should be

    "helping hearts with united hands"

    "helping hearts through helping hands"

    Hmmm... maybe that last one works best. :)

  7. I love that slogan. I remember when I worked in public relations, we did something for a charity that McDonald's agreed to sponsor a day of donations on every french fry order placed. As the PR firm for the charity, we were to do all the promoting of it. I came up with the slogan, "Thank God it's Fry Day," which McDonald's changed to "Thank Goodness it's Fry Day" to avoid offending anyone. It didn't sound nearly as good after they added their political correctness to it!

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  9. I really like this slogan. Choosing a catchy slogan is difficult. I am doing the AIDS walk this weekend in Los Angeles and our team is called "Team Pure Love". It sounds positive- abundant... I like it :)

  10. Catchy! Thanks for stopping by The Amandangle.

  11. Ye, slogan is brilliant!

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  12. I absolutely love the slogan as it is so true!

    You asked about other slogan ideas? I came up with my own slogan while still in college, which I think would fit most charities and their amazing staff and volunteers nicely:

    "Love to live, live to give." Alyse Rome (you can quote me on it.) ;)

    That pretty much sums up why we (non-profit professionals and volunteers) do what we do. :)

  13. I really like the slogan... it's simple and gets the message across

  14. Do you have more???

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  20. Hi

    Can anyone help me? I need a slogan for my charity 'Ambers Angels'.

    My charity is for children who have been abused and for adult survivers of child abuse.

    Thank you



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